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Palliative Care Network partners with Care Synergist to bring patients closer to the clinical teams

Technology has made the world a smaller place and brought the palliative care community even closer.

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Care Synergist News

Care Synergist team invited to William and Mary

The Leadership team of Care Synergist was invited to speak to MBA students at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business -William and Mary.

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About Us

CareSynergist is a customer-centric organization with a mission to optimize patient care through technology.

Synergy between evolving technologies and healthcare allows CareSynergist to connect patients and their families with the care providers. Our team utilizes clinical expertise to identify the unmet needs of patients, gaps in the delivery of care and blend these with solutions today’s technologies can offer. The focus is to improve the delivery of care to patients and improve efficiency. Our aim is to bring the needs of patients closer to the clinicians


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